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arrowwise, post: 210051 wrote:
Great post Jason. Most are first to rant about bad customers and suppliers, which should be the minority of cases.

Hey Steve

Thanks mate, you are spot on with that.. Sometimes, personally, i need to take a step back and remember the ones who said thanks.. Those that dropped in for a coffee, and brought it in for me :), and a chat..

My clients satisfaction is the utmost driver for us and each strategy that is deployed is done so to ensure maximum client satisfaction.. I know that sounds like i am typing for cudos, although its a genuine objective for us and has been in every role i have ever done.. Be in sales, management, business etc. Although more prevalent in my last 2 businesses, although this is a whole new post if i ever chose to share about why i got into this business in the first place..

Thanks mate, and hope you have been very well.


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