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MarcioWilges, post: 210779 wrote:
Well, this is probably a really common thing to do, and that’s celebrate a milestone customer! Like your first thousand mark, or hundredth customer or something like that? And in the moving and removals business, what we do is pretty much such a big help to the customers in itself that sometimes they offer us beer (which we can’t drink on the job) and pizza (which we’ll eat anytime)! Haha! It’s great to hear feedback from the customers that appreciate what we do for them isn’t it?

Hey Marcio?

Thanks for the input, not sure if you are being sarcastic in saying its a common thing to do although in my experience its not that common a thing for lots of corporates or some new business owners to do. Sometimes they get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of why they are in the business in the first instance..

Re your game, removals, i have a few contacts that work in this trade and the offerings and acknowledgements they receive are phenomenal. From food, alcohol to discounts at venues they service. Its great to see.

It is also extremely rewarding when a client comes in, not to buy or what, a few months after their purchase and just says Hi or wants a chat.. Its great..

All the best mate, look forward to crossing you in the forums.


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