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bb1, post: 210784 wrote:
Hi Jason,

Yes and sometimes you don’t realise how some customers do appreciate you,,, sure you provide the service and they send you the payment, but are they really happy.

With me I find out when a stranger rings me and says that Joe Blow has referred your business, than you really know yes they do appreciate you. I had one that had moved 5 years earlier, and I still got a referral from them.

Yes our customers are whats make our business.

Hi Bert,

Spot on my friend, i sometimes overlook how much they value what we do for them and its something i think we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time.. I know i overlook it, as i work to help and sometimes miss the gracious comments of some customers.

Re gardening, a good gardener will receive awesome referrals all the time.. i am always referring my gardener to people.. and he gets to a point that he cant do any more and has to tell me to stop.. LOL


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