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I notice that getting a franchise was an option given.

Yes most likely good for learning the business, as there normally training, systems, and all the other stuff from franchises.

But remember there is also a premium you pay to the franchisor, ongoing fee’s. and other things you need to look closely at. But the biggest thing I found when looking at a franchise, most (not all), dont give you much scope for been Alex. What do I mean by this, you generally have to sell the set product range, make and sell the exact same choclate eclair, put exactly the same swirl on the latte, as every other franchise, you cant use Joe blows coffee brand, but have to use brand XYZ.

The question is do you want your cafe to be Alex’s cafe with your own touch or do you want to just be following a prepared script with very little or no indiviiduallity.

Yes I know that every one says the golden arches are making more money than my local hamburger joint. But if I was running one, I would rather be able to have my own spin on it and go independent.

just my thoughts.