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Digital Green Thumb, post: 210162 wrote:
Thanks for the info Dave

I was just having a look at the Prestashop website & noticed that it’s free & that you pay for add-ons/plug-ins.

Will it have most, if not all basic functions without paying for plug-ins?
I don’t have a problem with paying money as you get what you pay for in life.
I’m just wondering if it’s good to go straight away, as I don’t have a lot experience to know what the necessary features for a E-commerce set-up are.

Thanks again for your time

Hey Jamie, yes I’ve tried most of the others and found Prestashop to have a lot more features out of the box. You’ll still need to link it to a payment gateway as you would with any normal hosted site. Importing and updating via .csv to manage you products is very easy also compared to some others that are hit and miss.

The, “free” cloud from Presta means you can only buy themes from their theme store and also only add ons from their store also as you’ve mentioned.

Just set up the cloud version, it takes minutes. Then go in to the backend and you’ll pick it up fairly quickly. They also have great user documentation and forums. You can then just delete your test site after you’ve had a play.

My Shopify site I’ve found a lot of simple functionality that Presta has I need to buy a monthly subscription. I remember it has a tick box under products I think that says, “is digital product only” or something along those lines. Also quite sure you can watermark your images for free, or stop site scraping of your images via a paid module.