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John Romaine, post: 210669 wrote:
A “bit” is not enough.

If you’re not experienced or qualified then don’t accept the job. Especially if the client is paying you.

Do they know you’re asking here for advice?

Hi there John,

In the end I did not accept the job. As you rightly said, the client is paying me. So I have to be able to justify that the work was done correctly.

And since I was not sure on how I was going to do that, I did not accept the job. But that’s why I asked a question on the forum.

I guess the main question still is how much liability will I have to take on if I do an SEO task? I’ve seen this question pop up a couple of times in the forum in relation to websites (where clients get someone to do a website so that they can get more customers – does that mean the client will only pay once they start getting more customers?). Say I know what is to be done when doing SEO, and then work a job for a client, but in the end their product just doesn’t work in the market. How much do I then get involved in the sales process to make the SEO work? How will be able to justify to the client that the SEO work was done properly and should be paid for; that the product just isn’t fit for the market. They can turn around and say that the product was fit for the market but the SEO work did not allow it work.