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My Guy
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Great question BB1,

I’ll use Facebook as an example.

– You create an add for ‘selling a chair’
– You say to Facebook run this ad for 7 days at a max value of $50 a day
– Facebook will charge you up to $50 a day.
– Lets say you did max out at $50 a day 30% of $50 is $15.

The marketing company will send you a bill for $65.00 for that per day.

Heres the thing, you may not have used all the $50… so the fee will be less.

Marketing companies make a fortune from this and are killing it really.

I mean some of the bigger companies out their really have a license to print money… I am only a small player at the moment when it comes to what some bigger companies (my competitors) are currently spending.

One thing you don’t want from some of these marketing companies is too much guidance from them, I’ve found that if you give them an idea they love it and want to run it for you.

I mean who am I to say that this idea will work, I am going to you to get help and get ideas but they honestly give you SFA when it comes to good material.

Seek other advice from different marketing companies and learn from them also and build a report from each one. Go and seek a business analyst or adviser then take your product to the market with a solid foundation of support.