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Hello John, thanks so much for your feedback.
You lost me 100% because you have absolutely no info to substantiate this product performance claim.
Unfortunately, we cannot make any claims that the product can cure and treat any ailments. Our product is not therapeutic and any claims we make will be misleading as they haven’t been substantiated. The Mat has possible multiple uses and can have possible effects but does not to guarantee medical, therapeutic or other health effect results.

I’ll let you into a secret, anyone who suffers from chronic pain for any length of time has probably read up more on the subject than most GPs. They’ve also probably tried ten-times more pain relief products than most people can even name. I can promise you that you won’t get many chronic pain sufferers being attracted to your product with the level of proof you provide on your site for this claim.

Perhaps you would generate more business by focussing on the much tighter market of, “people who have an interest in meditation, yoga and holistic alternatives”?
Yes. yes!
From an SEO perspective, the more tightly you focus on the needs of a very specific target audience, the better you should expect your referrals and conversions to be.
Thank you!
On a Home page communications problem…

The first thing I see on your Home page is:


IMHO, this is a meaningless headline because it is an out of context statement. It is likely to have people hitting their back buttons instantly.
We might change this one.
Hope this helps.

Yes. really appreciate your feedback.