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thorn, post: 210153 wrote:
First of all, congratulations on building a decent Facebook business page, it looks attractive, has interesting posts and should engage with people once you have sent a few dark posts out and mounted a targeted Facebook ads campaign – 5-10 dollars per day is plenty. Make sure you keep up with the posting, but don;t forget to actually invite people to talk with you – a lot of Facebook business pages in Australia look like busy billboards, talking AT people – you have the opportunity to build a community, and for a topic like chronic pain, Yoga and meditation there are lots of opening to speak with people –
Thank you.. that validates what I was thinking
I suggest also that you open an Instagram account, make sure to link the FB page-post interesting graphics on Instagram – I can see this appealing to the 18-35 age group very easily (boomers also, but different style of marketing to them).
Great thought, we hadn’t thought of Instagram but I’ll explore now
I notice your animated video music is quite loud and it swamps the narrative, perhaps re-produce this – are you using Explaindio?
I’ll get the video modified – we got a animation company to do it
Always make sure your website has a blog, and post informative, authoritative articles – perhaps this is where you can build some authority, and bring in other credible information experts. Make your home page information rich also, use graphics, and video as well as text. I can see this product becoming popular if you market it using a variety of platforms and techniques – try and arrive at a target market. Offer something of value to the website visitor, a pain report, or other item they can actually derive some use and benefit from – capture their emails in return for this and build a list of interested punters you can follow up with, and perhaps market additional products to, affiliate or otherwise.
Great ideas.. I’ll be in touch with you separately – if you dont mind :))