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My Guy
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Starting out in a business through Apps would probably be accepting payments through external sources like

– App Store
– Android Market

Correct me if I am wrong!

Customers don’t really care if you are a pty ltd or a sole trader, your accountant also probably does care either.

Most businesses that are services & product based usually are better as a company straight from the bat for numerous reasons which I won’t go into detail about.


I would be concerned about your liability issues with being a sole trader and having a whole web of international competitors that you could be treading on….

easycompanies.com.au allow you to create a company within 24 hours.

It costs roughly $480

You then have to apply for a TFN & ABN for that company which can be done online also or through your accountant for not much more than a consult fee…

I would seek other peoples advice on this forum or else where (legals) regarding the legal issues you may come across.

I have a mate that I worked with a few years ago, he created an app online.

with in 5 weeks it hit Australia’s most downloaded app with over 100,000 downloads in 36 days.

3 weeks later another app appeared, similar name but with very low level detail.

He ultimately found out about this other app that was an exact replica of his and got it shut down within 72 hours. He did not decide to take further action.