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bb1, post: 210204 wrote:
Is it because I can buy the same item (or very very similiar) on Ebay for far less than your website

Though the base patterns have flown around by some eBay sellers, their product is completely different. They don’t carry my features and safety features.

For instance, a cheap model on eBay does not carry the insert liner with child lock. They don’t carry the Waterproof base, or waterproof backing. Their tops are a very cheap and flimsy material while mine are a stretch cotton.

This item is far superior to those on eBay hence the price. The only others who carry my features are the leading brand, who sell the item for $100. Only my bases are waterproof, theirs are not.

This is the issue I’m facing. People might think I’m just overcharging for the item, but the fact of the matter is that our products are far superior.

I don’t want to chip away at the safety features for the sake of putting a $40 item on the market that is going to give my company a bad reputation. So far, that’s my dilemma.

Edit: See, that’s the problem I believe. Why is it that my features are not conveyed to the public? Even yourself found the item on eBay but just went by the picture & not the description.