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bb1, post: 210206 wrote:
Yep and why do most discount stores outperform higher quality stores because we the “public” look at price.

And a PS, if I was one of your potential purchasers and I saw a quote “when dealing with the public”, I would not be impressed and buy elsewhere. Our customers are valued, and not just “the public”

That makes sense re: discount stores. However how come companies such as the leading brands are able to generate so many sales? I believe it is because they are a trusted brand and their product is excellent. So I did my best to make my product as good as theirs.

One thing though; dealing in discount goods is great. However when it comes to kids and babies, it would not be wise to chip away at the safety features of the product. What would you have in mind that might help my cause?

Our customers are also valued which is why we give them a great product that is better value than the leading brands and also a 30 day money back guarantee.