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JohnTranter, post: 210208 wrote:
Hey Lkay,

A couple of points

1) You correctly identified ‘trust’ as a potential issue. I would put your contact telephone number and contact hours in the header. Also maybe the Paypal logo in the footer or header
2) Your shipping rates are $20+, which would be a surprise for people when they’re checking out. I would either include the shipping rate in the price or make the price known as early as possible.

If you have Google Analytics installed, check out the flow of people moving through the site, you may be able to identify problems. For example if people leave the site on the checkout page, they may not like your payment or shipping options. If they don’t go past the product page, then you may need to improve your message on that page.

Finally, if you haven’t made a single sale, just double check that the checkout is actually working!

You shouldn’t have to compete on price, but you do need to make sure your customers know why they should buy off you.


Ah all solid points John. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

If I may; the $20 postage cost is for the Bean Bags filled. some people really want them filled, but you can imagine that the dimensions drastically change. However what I will do is incorporate the price of postage into the costs of the item as a whole. This would mean the 6.95 postage (it actually costs me 13.40 but I shoulder a little bit of it) would be put into the price of unfilled and the others the same with the other postage options.

Customers usually leave after viewing the product, but I do get a high bounce rate.

I desperately need to convey the full variety of my products features but am having huge trouble there. Perhaps that’s a design issue.

Checkout is working well!

I shouldn’t have to compete on price but I would not price this product higher than my competitors (the ones that carry my features and fabrics). I feel I am giving great value, and again, need to find a way to convey that.