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Hi Hammock Man,

I actually built an online store for someone who was selling camping gear and had the same issue as yourself, i.e. low res images from suppliers.

In this industry it is a good idea to have your products displayed in use/outdoors. You could look at shooting in a quiet park or on a beach? Just make sure there are no passers by in the shot.

Also you could consider approaching a venue such as a bed and breakfast or camping ground and use their facilities as a backdrop, those more historical locations might be good for rustic shots.

dont forget to have close-up shots of the components, i.e. fabric/threads, knots, seams, hanging fittings, etc. People like to see a product in as much detail as possible when buying online.

Wouldnt hurt to have a shot of someone using the product also, perhaps a friend or family member.

Just a few ideas anyway…

If taking the photos yourself, consider having a professional touch-up the images to correct the colour, lighting, sharpness, size and so on.