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Well thank you kindly! ((bows))

Love Pinterest! Great idea. A vision board is good.

Ah, famous question – what is a brand?

So many business owners skip this step and head straight into naming and design believing that that IS the brand. It is a part of it, but not the full picture.

A brand is an experience.

I explain it to my clients like this.

Think of a brand as if it’s a person named Gary :D

Gary’s personality = brand
Gary = business name
Gary’s Clothes / Style = design

Your brand has everything to do with the experience your dream customers have when they come into contact with your business – from something as simple as how you answer the phone to how you handle unhappy customers.

The brand needs to be consistent, this is where brand values step in. Let’s take your brand value “confident” for example. A perfect way to create trust from consistency is to use this value throughout your business, from your relationships to your customers to how you answer the phone through to your business name and design.

The reason I suggested you press pause and ponder this for a while is because naming a business is not like naming a baby. The baby pops out, has a name given to it before the parents even know it.

Naming a business is the opposite – knowing what’s happening underneath the layers at the heart of the brand, the values it holds and it’s personality are the keys to a fabulous creative business name.

Hope that helps! :)