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I have worked in logistics and have seen that the return on assets are not normally great. The post from ThexArm is pretty good advice – you need to know what is “driving” the business.

I have found that with some industries the trailer is the critical asset to own and the truck is just a means of getting the trailer from A to B. You can always sub out the truck but you want to own the trailer.

If you are transporting just grain then the trailer may not be overly specialised as it is a bulk carrier that has many uses. The cement carrier on the other hand will be specific for that cargo – you need to ensure there are not too many competitors out there with those trailers.

If you are interested in taking over the business then I would suggest you speak to your local small business association. They generally provide forums and lectures to help you manage your business. There is a government group called Enterprise Connect, they are generally free and as they are Government backed they do not string you along for all of your cash like many consultants.

Good Luck
Marco CP