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arrowwise, post: 210445 wrote:
Some discussions are suggesting that if you’re not mobile ready by April 21 – 2015, your ranks could be seriously compromised overnight. Then as John says it is a turning point for google mobile SEO measurement, but not the breaking point for existing sites. Time will tell.
Hi Arrowwise,
You are quite right. I don’t know what will happen on 21 Apr 15.

What I do know is that no one knows what ranking parameters G will use in its smartphone ranking algo at that date.

Until we know what these are, and how much ranking weight G will apportion to each of them, we can’t implement any effective smartphone SEO activities.

All I’ve seen/read at this stage is a comment from a G employee that location maybe used in the smartphone ranking algo. I’ve also observed for short search phrases, that Google is implementing its Universal search function more widely than on desktop searches.

If these are to be important smartphone ranking factors, they are not parameters exclusive to mobile enabled websites.