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Hi James,
re leaving shopify….
I started off trying to sell Agedcare activity products through my shopify store – (my original day job was in this industry) unfortunately although I got a lot of positive feedback from those in the industry it didn’t result in many sales.
I thought I’d give something else a go (sucker for punishment!) so I started designing downloadable digital paper and the plan I was on with shopify had a limit on the number of downloadable items you could list.
Moved to Etsy (they have a really good instant download feature) and then decided to have ago at my own website as well.
I still have not had much sucess, but continue to try and build up my profile on social media and am learning what I can about SEO etc.
Don’t know if I will ever get anywhere selling online but am really enjoying the challenges of “having a go”…..and isn’t that the Aussie way!