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Thanks for your reply Ben, I guess I didn’t explain myself that well intially, I guess I have so many ideas and thoughts going on in my head I’m in overdrive.

I guess it’s maybe a little like franchising, I had an idea to sell a business, unlike franchising it will be there own entity, there own brand/line of bikini’s, fitness wear. I will market my idea to attract potential entrepreneurs or
anyone wanting to try something different and venture into business.

I’d like to make it achievable by keeping the cost of this venture right down for any potential suitor to help make it a viable and attractive proposal, I would essentially be relying on the wholesale orders rather then trying to make money upfront, it would also need to be legally binding with a contract with all the specific details.

Designing bikini’s in Australia is extremely expensive, the potential business owners for my idea, can chose the types of styles they want, the fabric patterns they want, it will be essentially there own style and design. The cost to provide the style design of there bikini with 4 samples from small to X large in high quality fabric will be very cost effective.

I can provide any potential entrepreneur with an ecommerce site, logo etc, professional photography with models wearing there own line bikini’s or fitness wear.

Is this a potentially achievable idea? or if anyone has any suggestions