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Ok, so from what I understand now you are selling an idea for a business.

Given that you are sourcing products, setting up the website etc. will save some time for anyone wanting to purchase this kind of business is great, however personally I would be hesitant to purchase a business that has not yet turned a profit.

That is not to say you wouldn’t find a buyer willing to put the extra cash into promotion. Swimwear is a very competitive industry and while your products may be different from others the question is are people searching for your product exclusively, i.e. how many people actually know about and are searching for “Santa Constancia Fabric” or “supplex light bikinis” or non-revealing Brazilian bikinis”.

Back to branding, again your designer should know all about this, but basically the idea of branding a business is the same as branding a herd of cattle, after all that’s where the term originates.

Branding is the process of creating a unique look by which people can identify your business. Consisting of not only logo design but other colours, elements, images and themes used consistently throughout your marketing material and campaigns.

I hope this helps and hopefully some others will have some input now that the post has been ‘bumped’ again!