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Aussie , post: 210311 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I live in Melbourne but I’m currently in Brazil with my Brazilian wife. We have just designed a*swim wear range in Rio de Janiero. Brazilian bikinis are very colourful and very sexy. They are definitely revealing, so we have created some not so revealing suitable for the Australian market and will be starting production over the next fortnight.*

The fabric we will be using is Santa Constancia a world famous brand, it’s*technological advanced fabric*is the best in the market. It’s a supplex light that stretches 500% fantastic for fitness wear as well.*Our bikini’s will be of the highest quality at very competitive prices. Initially we will market our bikini’s too the Brazilian market as the weather is warm all year round, with a view of exporting to Australia later in the year.

Is anyone in the flying solo community familiar with branding, as we have another idea which would target any potential business owners, entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up there own bikini or fitness line. We would be about to provide bikini’s and fitness wear at wholesale prices.*

We would also like to provide the option to include an ecommerce website, logo design, business card, tag design and artwork, along with ongoing technical support with the site. We have a website graphic designer we will be business partners with to help make this achievable. Could this be a viable option or are there to many pitfalls trying to market this kind of idea. Can anyone please give us ideas that could help with this kind of business venture or suggestions that could be beneficial with this kind of venture.

Paul and Lilia

Hello :) You may be just what I need! I am starting an online business (due for release in late April/May) and am finding it extremely difficult to find suppliers in the genre I need.

My business will be selling boho chic beachwear, which would obviously include swim wear.

Could you pm me with further information please? Thank you!

My website is not yet live but I have a Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/crystaldirtus