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Kalen, post: 210325 wrote:
We are still discovering what the most effective way to find new clients is, so any help on this would be much appreciated.
We also don’t have much capital to begin with, so large scale marketing campaigns aren’t really an option.

Hey Kalen, I did two things when I first set up

1) Found a niche, in my case “Magento”
2) Invested $50 in a Google Adwords campaign, at the time Magento was a relatively low competition keyword (or at least, location based versions of it were)

That $50 probably got me around $40k worth of work in return, it’s the best investment I ever made. Since then, I’ve relied on word of mouth and organic traffic.

Find a niche and aim to be the best in that space. The niche doesn’t have to be a technology, you can specialise in a type of site, or maybe just a location (“your local web design agency”). I know companies specialising in Health, Universities, and Council websites.