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MissSassy, post: 210373 wrote:
No sure what you are selling but wow if you have only sold to your suburb so far chances are you have exhausted your market.

You need to get your shipping sorted so that you can sell beyond your suburb.

You need to expand your product line so you can re-sell to your suburb.

You need to create a clear strategy to expand your business and to spend you money wisely. Do as much as you can yourself to expose your business online via the relevant social media platforms that relate to your ideal clients.

Don’t get caught up in an expensive advertising campaign until you have your shipping and product lines sorted.

Plenty of other things too but it is a little difficult to answer such an open question.

Thanks MissSassy.
My bad I should have mentioned that ours is retail on-line store that deals in kids clothings.

I agree and accept your point about product line, But how to get diffunique products , As of now only place we know to get products in Alibabaexpress.

In last 2-3 months we found and reached out to some kids clothing manufacturers that atm mainly ship their products to US and EU mkt but to order from them means placing a big order e.g. placing an order for 250 tees of same style , with our current base i don’t think we place such an order and sell them quickly.

We can only afford to order small quantity at this stage , e.g. max 50 tees of one style but we have not found any supplier or manufacturer who is willing to sell such a small quantity to us.

Also ,as I mentioned in my other reply , We need some mkt strategies to reach out to customers living in other suburbs , ATM we are mainly dependent on FB groups of our area . Would appreciate ideas how to do so.