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MatthewKeath, post: 210389 wrote:
Hard to say, depending on the circumstances it could be all three, or a combination of them.

Building a site is one thing. Helping a business owner suceed is another.

G’Day Matthew. Yes that is a good point. You need both a good site and a good business. One is no good without the other.

But I do see those things fairly clearly categorised, accepting that ultimately you need all of it in place.

In my book a good website design will attract visitors, and convert them into people actually buying for phoning (whatever the objective is).

The part the business plays in that is having a marketable product, and a market to pitch to. A good website designer will use that information to create an effective site. And they will tell you if they dont think there is an internet market for it, or if it is small and doenst warrant a large investment. Or the converse.

Once visitors have actually called or attempted to buy etc, then the website has done its job and it’s all up to the business to close the sale. And of course that can be easily messed up. But my point is the webiste has done its job.

So in my example there are over 1000 direct searches a month for the product. Yet you will not find them in ANY google searches. Even if you know where to look, and try to make a purchase, it’s extremely difficult. The website is clearly not doing its job – and this is very typical. My point is, there’s a market and a good product – and this is what I see all too commonly.

Or to cite another typical example I see – a tradesman who is actually really good at his job. But his website says he is good at his job, he’s been in business for 15 years and his clients love him. Same as every other tradesman on the planet.

To your point though – if you are selling say fish scales, for which there is presumably no market, then a good website wont help you (much). Although there is an argument for a “web presence” – but I wont go there.

And if you do get someone buying those fish scales, but cant actually deliver any – then again a good website isnt helping you.

So yes you are right it is a mix of all three, but in my book the website has a clear job to be done – and all too commonly it can be clearly seen not to be doing it – regardless of how the businesses operates. But you still need the product, market and ability to deliver, regardless of the website itself.

It is very common for website designers to just take easy money, supply a budget site without taking into account any of what Ive touched on above.

Anyway, dont get me going! Ill get pushed off to a rant forum, with this being an introduction forum!!