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checkvault, post: 210506 wrote:
I’d even say it’s the smarter option. There are tons of resources already available on the internet and if you know your way around you can save yourself ‘re-inventing the wheel’ so many times just buying little pieces of IT resources for a small cost here and there as opposed to spending the time creating it all over again.

I do agree though that as a web design company, these resources should be used as a base to save doing a great chunk of the work but then adding in your own flavours to suit the customer needs is what will set your web design service apart.

So I wasn’t really sure why someone posted html from the website of the original poster saying that they’ve used a readymade template. It doesn’t prove the point that they’re not capable of doing custom development.

And to be in line with the topic of discussion, in my opinion I’d say the poster’s website is modern (whether it’s professional or not is a point of comparison).
– Clearly laid out menu and call to actions
– Mobile friendly

Facebook is great too as it provides the quick and informal way of connecting with your potential or existing customer base.

Those would be my thoughts in the discussion.

I have to agree here, there is nothing wrong with using templates , in particular when you are pitching to the small business community who don’t have 1000’s of dollars to spend on a fully custom created website. Use proven templates to safe the dollars. Sure if you are pitching to BHP go full custom made. A template can still be customised to a clients reuirements.

personally the original posters web site looked reasonable, accept they never did spell or grammar checks, and it was shocking in that way, and I would never go there for that reason, first impressions are key, and if they cant get that right even if its a template or custom made you run.

It comes come to this thought that because it is cheap it must be nasty, not the case.