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DdM, post: 210386 wrote:
I was wondering if there is any type of Coach Catalogue I could peruse?

I think I need a business coach, but I am looking for someone that can help me with a specific stumbling block. I’d like the chance to read a brief synopsis about their specialty, get a feel for their approach, find where they are located & if interested I go to their website.

I can’t find a catalogue for coaches though. Anyone know of one?

Thank you.

Not sure if you will find one catalogue with all of them listed, like any other sector it just depends where they choose to advertise.

Not sure where you are located, but this mob have been good in the past “Small Business Mentoring Service” if you are in Victoria,

Just one thing I would suggest don’t just ensure they cover the sector or area you want, but also a very close look at their experience. Just because they have run business’s in 10 sectors over a 20 year period, its doesnt mean they are a good coach, in fact my question would be why have you swapped so many times. This is one area where just years and industry sectors don’t make you a succesful business coach.

To take the football analogy, it is often the B grade footballers who actually make the better coaches than the top line footballers. Coaching or mentoring is not about been the best at doing it, but often been able to impart the knowledge and understanding the knowledge to be delivered, Hope I have explained that ok.