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Gronky, post: 210438 wrote:


Gronky, post: 210438 wrote:
Examples are shorter trial period then apprentice must opt-in to purchase..
The problem you will face here is a trial period that is suitable for the apprentice and one for the sole trader. Say you cut it to 2 months, if I was the apprentice I would say its to short, and if it was 2 months I as the person wanting to sell, would say it is to long for me to have to start on my next sales campaign.

Not sure how you can anyone interested if the “must opt in” kind of defeats the purpose of the try before you buy concept I thought you were aiming for.

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if joe was to pull out then TMA could purchase and match with another apprentice. .

So are you saying here that TMA would purchase any small business that the apprentice walked away from, hope you have deep pockets. But I like this approach as the sole trader is at least guaranteed a sale after a given period, instead of going back to square one.

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The contract would have non-competition clauses prevent apprentice from starting side business in same area. .

We all know that there are limitations to non compete clauses, you will get the legal guys who argue it either way, but would I as a sole trader trust that. Sorry we have all seen non compete clauses which have not worked.

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The main upside is that the sole trader is able to get value out of a business he/she has worked many years instead of just walking away with nothing.

Not sure why you think we would walk away with nothing there is still the traditional method of selling the business. In my currently chosen trade at least most that I am aware of are turning over in a 6 week period, and not even with a lot of advertising.