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estim8, post: 210441 wrote:
I’m assuming from the post you’re looking to rectify a situation you have.

Best bet would be to actually ask an accountant and get it sorted quickly, my experience has been that you’re better to “own up” and settle it, than wait to be audited and get crunched.

I would guess the payments would be at regular intervals for similar amounts of money and could perhaps be “reverse engineered” from the “nett” payments by an accountant to ascertain any liabilities or expense claims.

Yes, going to an accountant next week, I just think they’re going to tell us make an estimate based off the info and figures available, so I want to put that together before seeing them.

Would it be better to over-estimate? I know that means the business would have to pay more. This is all cheked/matched at tax time with group certificates/PAYG statements/personal income correct?