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ThexArm, post: 210484 wrote:
Its almost like a new business… ATO will definitely help you out.

Loosing a diary is a genuine thing and you are talking about only 2 weeks.

On the side note, if the employees were mates of your partner, couldn’t he ask his mates the number of hours they worked in those weeks? At the end of the day these are the employees whose withholding tax you would be sending to ATO!

Sure loosing a diary is possible, but it also highlights a raft of other issue, such as following all requirements, not just “keep the ato happy”. It goes beyond that.

First thing i can see, sure report higher amounts to the ATO, BUT how will this impact your workers, the simple answer is you are paying higher withholding, and it is a cost to you. But no, there are further potential impacts. The higher amount you report, will appear as a higher amount on the workers end of year statement. This amount no matter how small or how much higher, may just push that worker into the next tax bracket, or knock them out of eligibilty of some benefit or allowance. Sure it covers you but what about the worker, you need to look at all impacts of this “casual business” decision.

Second what about all the requirements of employment which have not been followe, ie. Payslips are meant to be issued and provided to the worker within 1 business day of the wages been paid, this has obviously not been done.

Thirdly – Well who knows what other requirements of employment have been breached, has work cover super, accounting of correct holidays,

Ok you get the idea, this is not just a case of loosing a diary . As employers, or potential employers we all have certain obligations under the law. And that applies if we are a fresh business or a stale one.

There is no such thing as a “casual business”, in particular when you start employing staff, there are major obligations, not just to protect yourself but to protect your staff. Has this casual business looked at the other requirements such as insurance…

Sorry for the rant but there is responsibility with running a business, and if following these had occurred the loss of a diary would be just a pimple, just sitting here typing I can think of heaps of other things that I ask has this “casual business” done this or that. The one thing I note with great interest at least you are sending out invoices to collect money, beyond that well !!!!!