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Do you have some stats on your bounce rate and traffic history you could share with us?

I find your homepage (desktop size) really busy and I think the message you are trying to sell gets lost. When the website is viewed in tablet size (<768px), I think it's much more readable with your large image "WE TURN IM BORED....." is full width. Talk to a graphic designer and online marketer about restructuring your pages to maximise the conversion rate.

The other major issue with your site is all the images are links to just the image (click on any of your images). The product images on your home page should link through to your product page. The homepage image about “we turn im bored…” should link either to a call to action i.e. blog post, product, cms page etc. Also some of your pages has encoding issues such as “What’s” (note the back slash). Add the footer to all your pages, not just the homepage.