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My main issue is that all I get from your website for each box is a brief description of whats in the box and a picture. It doesnt inspire me to say, yes I need one of those.

But the bigger issue I have is whats in the boxes, Do you really believe that you can entertain your children for a year from 4 boxes. My kids are just a little old now, but going back just a few years, I would say 1 to 2 days per box (if that), but a year ????????????

Also just looking at whats in the box and thinking back to what I have bought previously, the price for what you get , hmmm i need to think about that.

I think you need to look beyond your website (ok your web guru’s will be upset by that), you have said you are getting traffic, but not conversions. You need to look at the product you are offering, is it really worth the price and giving my children the entertainment you are telling me they will. Personally I have my doubts.