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John Debrincat
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KidsActivitiesDelivered, post: 210476 wrote:
Hi everyone,

Trying not to feel downhearted and discouraged.

I have paid (what is for me) a large amount of money for an advertisement in a newsletter that targets my target market.

I have had plenty of hits today but (I’m ashamed to admit) only one small sale. The thought of not even nearly making back what I have spent makes me feel ill.

No matter how hard I try I can’t get my website to look professional. I pretty much need to do it myself as I have no budget.

What are your tips on making your website look more professional and sale ready?

Thank you

Hi there,

I am assuming that you used the home page as the landing page for marketing?

If you are doing any marketing from newsletters, Google Adwords etc you should not use the home page of your website as the landing page. The home page has a purpose to engage people that find you on the web or that you send to your website. It is your business display window and if you think of it like that then it needs to show the products you sell and what you do to passes by. Your products are below the fold and kind of hidden. The top banner and images are great but shout our and don’t sell anything. I think it is professional but needs rearranging.

So back to the marketing. If you are committing funds to a marketing campaign then create a unique landing page that is targeted at the types of people coming from that media. Landing pages should be far simpler than your home page. They also make tracking and analytics much easier.

You offer free shipping but it is pretty small print and should be a shout out not a whisper.

Last think is that you use PayPal which is great but the order information page where personal details are entered is not secure (no https) so I would not buy from your site. Even though PayPal secures the payment process more and more people are looking for security of personal data. Your site has none. So there is a trust issue that you need to fix.

This is compounded by the fact that you have no contact details, address or phone number just an email address. Trust is essential if you want sales.