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Vanders, post: 210477 wrote:

My name is Travis and I’m green as green could be! I’ve come across this website and found it has been a landmine of knowledge, tips and tricks.

I live in country Victoria and currently I’m a carpenter who works for myself, one man team doing small jobs of my own and sub-contracting to the bigger companies.

Recently I have completed a concrete polishing course with the hope of starting my own business. There are only 2 companies in my town which offer this service and I believe it is a growing industry and I want to be apart of it.

So I’m on here to learn as much as I can about business, all aspects, as I believe the more knowledge I can obtain the more informative decisions I can make. I’ve also just completed a workshop through the council on business planning basics. I guess you have to start somewhere!

I look forward to picking your brains and please excuse my dumb silly questions (I know there isn’t one but I know having someone as green as me it can be frustrating).

See you on the forums!

TravWelcome Trav,

i am originally from Country Vic myself, and my dad and granddad are / were both builders.

There are no silly questions.