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MissSassy, post: 210545 wrote:
Thanks for starting a thread on this topic. Mental health is a topic still so laden with stigma. While we are all talking about it more and more, that momentum needs to keep building.

Forums like this should include a place where people can feel at ease but unfortunately I don’t think it is ever that easy. As you said, just though thought of sharing is terrifying in itself.

Some of the most hilarious, amazing, strong and wonderful people I know all have mental health challenges and all the while manage to run incredibly successful businesses.

Looking forward to reading more comments on this thread.

I’m with Kelly on this one, I still think the Stigma around mental health is large in our community and people are very reluctant to come out and say anything.

I know from very close personal experience that you may share your situation with people and they all say that it is fine and are outwardly happy to support you.

But as soon as the chips are down, and your mental health situation can be used against you these same people who were supposedly supporting you, suddenly use your issues for their own benefit or gain. And that is one reason why it still remains a hidden illness in our society.

Great idea for a thread, and I look forward to seeing the reposnes, but I fear it may be only a tiny fraction of the true situation.