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ToBeOrNotToBe, post: 210504 wrote:

I have started a company which is the trustee for trust.
The trustee has an ABN number.

I am now looking at registering another business name that will use the same ABN number.

When going through the ASIC process, one of the questions is:
Organisation representative details:
Is the organisation representative an individual, or a company or registered body?

And I have two options to choose from:
Individual or Company

I do not know which one of them should I choose, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

I have been doing a lot of research regarding this as we are starting up a business (although not a company) with a trust also where I am the trustee.

Since you have the company I would think ‘it’ would be the representative?
You state the new business will hold the same ABN number as the company, so that’s my reasoning.
Correct me if i’m wrong..