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Hey Bert,

If using the same ABN i assume ( i know i shouldnt) that it is one entity that will ultimately own both registered business names? Be it sole trader or company, just one of them is going to be the legal owner…

This being the case, if i read correctly, all reporting is fed through the one legal entity meaning you can start claiming now for all expenses under that head entity i would assume. And from a tax perspective, i would believe that the ATO will expect you to provide total amounts as one entity (under one ABN as suggested by you) rather than submitting as business A and business B.

Again, no accountant here and i could be completely wrong in this thought so i would wait for an expert to come along.. :)

Only variation on this is if they are 2 separate legal entities meaning either 2 companies or 2 separate sole traders (not both under your name as a sole trader) which would automatically require to separate ABN’s.

Shoot, i hope that makes sense.. i havent had a coffee yet.


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