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Yeah Jason both sole traders, both under the one ABN

Your assumptions are what I beliee to be the case. From what I can gather but just want it confirmed by a guru, there is no seperate reporting required, so effectively the second one can sit there dormant for 12 months without me having to do much at all. From what my accountant originally said I just claim it and run it under the one yearly return, but will seperate it in the profit and loss so if I ever want to split it off I can. And yes I believe I can already claim te setup costs against my ABN, i will just setup seperate codes in MYOB so I know which entity incurred the costs.

just want to really confirm that if I setup the name and domains now, i can virtually forget about them. Although knowing me i will have it going much quicker.

Why do accountants get to go on holidays. Oh thats right I will in a couple of months so shouldnt complain.