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Byron Trzeciak
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Hi Caroyln,

Some of your dot points below relate to SEO optimisation and others relate to website maintenance. Were you after assistance with SEO as well as on-going support?

In terms of Magento it can be an effective online ecommerce store but out of the box it’s a bit of a beast and needs some work to get it into shape. In particular the out of the box configuration for SEO can have negative results on rankings and traffic such as:
– Slow website speeds
– Duplicate content
– Unnecessary content indexed in Google
– Poor onsite optimisation

One of the best posts I’ve found about managing SEO for an ecommerce store was the following and it covers some of the complications.

Without seeing your website it’s hard to understand the current state it’s in but feel free to add it or send me a private IM on the details.

If you’re technical capable and what to do some of these activities yourself then you may look at getting yourself a mentor or some SEO training so that you can gain the skills do it yourself.

Ongoing support of your website would likely be separate from any SEO activities you had take place.