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Ribbit, post: 210555 wrote:
Hello, we have been running a small business from home for the last 2.5 years, selling craft supplies online and exhibiting at a few local craft fairs. Sales are steadily increasing and we are struggling to keep on top of it all. We need specific advice on how to improve our processes and manage inventory, cash flow etc. We have very limited space, we don’t have the room to keep adequate stock levels so are hoping to move to a separate premises at some stage but are not sure how we could afford to do so in our current position.

Can anyone recommend a person/company who can help us work through these issues? I’m not exactly sure who I need to look for! I’ve tried googling but can only find consultants aimed at very big businesses.

Thanks, Shell

Hello there. My initial thought us you need to go back to basics. Do you have a Business Plan in place.? Do you monitor your current position compared to that Business Plan?. Do you know your breakeven point and do you allow sufficient margin in your selling prices . Look at your product range keep the best sellers with best profit margins. Stick with it if you can.