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Bookworm, post: 210560 wrote:
Hello there. My initial thought us you need to go back to basics. Do you have a Business Plan in place.? Do you monitor your current position compared to that Business Plan?. Do you know your breakeven point and do you allow sufficient margin in your selling prices . Look at your product range keep the best sellers with best profit margins. Stick with it if you can.

Hi Bookworm, thanks for the response. We (my business partner & I) do have a clear idea of what we are trying to achieve but have never put our business plan down on paper. It is definitely something that needs to be done, but we find ourselves so bogged down with day to day tasks we have little time for anything else. This is the main reason we are looking for help. Our current system involves 3 programs – the website, a 3rd party inventory management program and accounting software. They do all integrate but it is far from seamless, and if there are any mistakes it is a nightmare to try and rectify across all 3 programs. I am hoping to find someone who can advise us on the best retail software for our requirements, as well as how we can make other processes more efficient like ordering and receiving stock, order fulfilment etc. The main goal is to free up some time that we can use for marketing, planning, budgeting etc. to keep growing our business.