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Bookworm, post: 210615 wrote:
I am a bit puzzled over some things. You have a website, inventory management software and accounting software. You don’t have space for large inventory (why do you need inventory management a simple card system would suffice.) unless you have a massive stock list and little stock on hand but buy in on a drop ship basis when needed.For confidentiality reasons don’t post details on this forum but would be interested to look at your website to see exactly what,you do, how you do it and how it can be improved.
PM me to [email protected]
You have survived over 2 years which is good now its time to tweak things a bit to grow your business. Unfortunately, the foundation is not right so you will be more vulnerable to problems and issues like you are experiencing now. Take the time (FIND the time) to look at all your costs and work out your margins and determine your breakeven point. Stock control is the next thing to look at after the basics and foundation are sound. You,don’t need a 1000 page business plan but you do need to know your costs and cashflows BEFORE anything else. I understand confidentiality and will respect any info passed on to me. Cannot give any meaningful advice without getting facts and figures. Am really trying to help you out here….have been a wholesaler/retailer of some giftware/craft goods so do know a little about it. Currently in bookstores.

Thankyou, will email you shortly :-) There are two main reasons for the inventory management software. We have a lot of bundled items, the software “builds” them for us. We also have warehouses within the software so we can separate stock we take to the craft shows. We currently have about 800 different SKU’s, most are really small and there’s lots of different sizes & colours of the one product. But one of our product groups is quite bulky and takes up a third of our available space. We also run workshops & classes in the same space.