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Ribbit, post: 210661 wrote:
Thankyou, will email you shortly :-) There are two main reasons for the inventory management software. We have a lot of bundled items, the software “builds” them for us. We also have warehouses within the software so we can separate stock we take to the craft shows. We currently have about 800 different SKU’s, most are really small and there’s lots of different sizes & colours of the one product. But one of our product groups is quite bulky and takes up a third of our available space. We also run workshops & classes in the same space.

I can see why you are struggling with inventory management. Although it is all integrated but still you need time to do reconcile between all 3 systems to make sure you are carrying correct numbers.

Not sure what kind of Accounting software you are using? MYOB do has a robust inventory management module. You can upload/download csv data out of/in to the system.

Again not sure about your shopping platform on your website. Magento is good (a little bit demanding initially but once set up its good). It has similar to myob csv/excel features to upload/download inventory.

You can bundle products in MYOB. You just need to set it up.

You might need a part time bookkeeper who knows MYOB well to manage this part. You may need to keep him few days a week in house.

If money is a constraint, a lot of small businesses hire storage space from places like Kennards, Storage world etc initially to manage the space issue.

looks like you have few business advisers responded already make sure they have the experience and knowledge to help you out. If you are going to put your confidence on them because they have approached you on this forum, make sure to check how long they have been on this forum.