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Will @ ABB
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Ribbit, post: 210555 wrote:
Hello, we have been running a small business from home for the last 2.5 years, selling craft supplies online and exhibiting at a few local craft fairs. Sales are steadily increasing and we are struggling to keep on top of it all. We need specific advice on how to improve our processes and manage inventory, cash flow etc. We have very limited space, we don’t have the room to keep adequate stock levels so are hoping to move to a separate premises at some stage but are not sure how we could afford to do so in our current position.

Can anyone recommend a person/company who can help us work through these issues? I’m not exactly sure who I need to look for! I’ve tried googling but can only find consultants aimed at very big businesses.

Thanks, Shell

Hi Shell,

I have only recently setup a business myself (actually only signed up on this forum today) and certainly know what you mean by things getting overwhelming quickly. From the sounds of it you’ve possibly got two separate concerns here – number one being your inventory space and number two being your financial/inventory reconciliation.

Unfortunately I don’t have much idea on number one (inventory space)because we don’t carry any type of inventory. However number two, I would suggest (as another poster has) that you need to look at a bookkeeper to give you some advice and help on setting everything up to work together. We would offer this type of thing to our clients although it’s clearly easier with someone local, especially as they may be aware of a solution to inventory space in the area.

In relation to a business plan, the fact that you haven’t set one up certainly isn’t the end of the world. You can definitely still do it after running the business for a while, you might just need to re-word any template that you use to make sense for an existing business. There is a relatively good template to use from a government link (http://www.business.gov.au/business-topics/templates-and-downloads/business-plan-template-and-guide/Pages/default.aspx) , although more geared towards a new business owner trying to get finance through an institution. I actually used this myself but because we were self-financed, just deleted what we didn’t need.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!