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Hi Andrew,

1. GWT vs Analytics
There is no relationship between “links to your site” in GWT and traffic source in Analytics.

Very broadly, Webmaster Tools is primarily a diagnostic tool to show you where there may be technical site problems. Analytics is the tool for analysing who is going to what pages of your site, how they got there, where they are coming from, what systems and devices they are using and more…

1.1 GWT, “Links to your site”:
This is a tool for assessing the quality of links to your site and how quickly they are building. It does not report how many people actually clicked on the links to your site. Also, there can be many links to your site that Google can’t “see” and of course the temporary links to your site that show up in a search engine results page cannot be reported by this tool. There are many social media pages that Google cannot index. That means they cannot show up in your Webmater Tools.

1.2 Analytics Reports
Analytics traffic source reports show how many people (and robots) actually visited your site by clicking on a link displayed in search engines, social media, other web pages and direct entry. Analytics is the tool to show you how many people clicked a link to your site from your posts in facebook, twitter, tumblr, stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Analytics can “see” and report every social media click through to your site even if it does not report the social media page in Webmaster Tools.

2. Sudden changes in ranking
This is a complex question and there are many factors that can produce a dramatic change in a viewer’s SE ranking.

2.1 Your Search Settings
Unless you tell it not to, Google will track your searches and skew results accordingly. So, if you have been checking out your competitor’s sites in Google, you may be pushing them up the results list for YOUR search results. If you then clear your browser’s memory, this skew factor will be removed.

2.2 Search Terms Subject to Query Deserves Freshness
Some searches will trigger Google’s “query deserves freshness” algorithm function.

You don’t say what the search term is that has dropped. If it included the word “job”, it could well be a phrase that triggers this function.

Where the “query deserves freshness” function comes into play, search rankings and results are all over the place.

3. Targeting Relevant Search Phrases
We don’t have much from your post to go on but it seems to me likely that your SE referral problem may revolve around a poor selection of target search phrases.

I suggest you target search terms that include “Canberra” and “ACT” for your different services. You don’t do that at present.

You should get many more RELEVANT visitors to your site and enquiries from them if you do this.