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I’d agree it’s a pretty mixed bag out there.

Just to clarify, were these “apps” – “native” i.e. you downloaded and installed them, or were they the sites dished up via the web, that detected the device you were viewing on?

Usually a native app has access to the underlying device hardware acceleration, gestures etc … and as such shouldn’t be gludgy (I’m making assumptions about your meaning for gludgy) beyond that they can still very well be crap.

Some bigger sites (I know ebay is one) dish up mobile specific sites, rather than a full site in a responsive format … in my experience they are usually pretty ordinary.

Also if your relying on the sim in the actual device and your not in a very good reception area a even lot of responsive sites are awful. Where I live a phone or tablet will never get to 4G (even though our favourite provider says there’s full coverage), so a site that takes say 4 seconds or more on WiFi (did I say WordPress) will probably be intolerable on a phone.

I don’t use a lot of native apps, but some are brilliant. The one for the Guardian newspaper is one I use a lot, ABC radio is another good one … don’t use it for banking though, surprisingly for a “Cloud” advocate I don’t trust the security on my phone. I understand how to secure my computer (well as well as anyone can) but I don’t trust something I don’t understand the inner workings of.

I reckon, just like the web once was, mobile stuff is in it’s infancy and we’ll continue to get a mixed bag for a while … consumers seem to want it though.