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bb1, post: 210595 wrote:
Tried both the site dished up (which for Ebay was appalling) and the downloaded app’s, they have a long way to go. At least with my bank I could go back to the web based interface, whereas no matter what I tried Ebay forced me to use the dished up site.

I didnt even consider performance in my thinking, because my laptop at home is getting a little ancient so I am used to slowness (bit like me I guess), I was more considering usability.

And I agree users want it, and I am all for it if I can go away and not have to take a laptop, and just throw in the tablet, its a bonus, but you have to be able to do the same, and as efficiently with both approaches.

There’s a lot of effort and $ going into trying to get it right ATM, check out the demand for UI and UX designers and every week there seems to be some new framework hitting the market to make it simpler to build apps.

Mozilla are creating tools so any one can do it … maybe if you build your own, you’ll like them.

I didn’t keep the link :o, but after reading this post a couple of days ago I copped an article off Twitter that highlighted some of the usability issues on small screens.

The author was apparently a UI guru … his claim is that we are slowly learning to identify standardised icons for many tasks on a mobile which greatly reduces the need for screen space (and text explanation instructions and navigation links).

I think for people that are mobile junkies this is already true.

A personal observation is that many mobile users are “scanners”, compulsive multi taskers that don’t really want to “drill down” into detail content, they are also very fast doing it … not my preferred option, being an old school type, I tend to want to read the fine print (and comprehend it) before I commit, but I think I’m becoming a rare breed.

My next observation is that many app developers are young … technically brilliant, but caught up in the social media paradigm and often lacking in real world experience of what a business is really looking for … guess that won’t change until they get a few more kilometres on the clock.

I actually had some exposure to a team of developers who were onto this, and were looking for venture partners with this real world business process experience but didn’t have the tech skills to drive it.

Demand will drive it all in the right direction eventually is my guess.