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bb1, post: 210781 wrote:
I think also the rapid development approach doesnt help, you dont really get the full user requirements, testing and all that used to be involved in the development lifecycle.

Its more get something out there than see what people complain about and patch on the run.

The approach makes sense in some ways (quick to market), but it can also turn users away


Current thinking/trend seems to be MVP (minimum viable product). Get to market quickly, continue to iterate if you get some traction, otherwise, dump and run.

From what I’ve read the thinking is that the user is the best judge, rather than lots of in house expenditure and sophisticated guessing, only to find out an apps a dud with no real demand.

Google seem to be masters at throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks.

The developers I mentioned before had all sorts of smoke and mirror processes for testing demand and monetisation before they committed to any serious coding or design.

I think the better shops do plenty of actual code testing but maybe not user experience. Good programmers aren’t necessarily good designers, hence the rise in standardised front end frameworks for visuals and layout.

I don’t think releasing to market too early is a new phenomenon in software development … remember reading a book on system development that claimed one of the earlier versions of Windows OS went to market with 60,000 known bugs.

The upside is there’s plenty of scope for profit if you get it right.