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Here are my humble thoughts…

1. What services or functions do you feel offer the best overall solution for your business?

This is quite a broad question, for which I could write pages of information. Let’s just say that a system that provided functions that could be tailored and customised to fit a businesses’ unique workflow would provide the best solution for us.

2. Would you prefer web based or the ability to remotely access your own dedicated server?

Web based. The days of dedicated services and the hassle of setting them up, maintaining them, backing them up, upgrading software and security…are drawing to a close. The model that seems to become more popular is a provider who has a web based solution that can be connected to from any location on any device, and the hassle of setup and maintenance is removed.

3. How much would you be prepared to pay for a system that automated up to 90% of your daily lead generation and admin tasks?

I run a small business of about 20 employees. We would probably see value in spending a few thousand a year on such a system.

4. What system do you currently use for your business, And what do you like the most about it?

ZOHO. Because it’s cheap =)

5. What do you like the least about your current system?

It’s cheap =) But on a serious note, greater ability to customise solutions for our business is the main gripe.