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Tony Manto
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jordanwhittaker, post: 210597 wrote:
Hey guys,
So as I have previously mentioned, I am starting my carpentry company and I had a few questions and I had an amazing response from you guys that answered all my questions.

So I am currently a sole trader and subcontracting out to another carpentry company but Im going to go out on my on slowly, so I just wanted to make sure that im on the right track, im going to add a name to my business ( atm it’s just under my name) get all my insurances and then im pretty much set correct?

Hi Jordan, you can trade under your own name as long as you have an ABN. Having insurance is a must. Obviously you should have your bookkeeping sorted such as excel or MYOB. Don’t start on the wrong foot. Set up all your templates and keep track of all your expenses.

Talk to a Accountant or good Bookkeeper.

It might even pay to get a business adviser to work with you for the first three months.