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I will definitely go for Option 2.

Invest in a little branding and it will go a long way.

Branding wise- I use a branding designer I found on Behance.net whose work is highly pinned on Pinterest, but the costs are only a fraction of what I expect to pay for a no-name designer here.

Website- You can also consider a WordPress theme that is quite easy to manage after some initial help from a developer to get a website going. Envato.com has plenty and comes in at around $60-80 USD.

They look very professional and will probably save a lot of trouble from building a website from scratch.

They even come in an e-commerce template that your future customers can click and buy directly. Their “Royal”, “Legenda’ theme are all very professional-looking. Customers can sign up for regular newsletter too.

You can also install Issuu to do a online catalogue for customers to flip through.

I personally use the Legenda theme and had installed Paypal/SecurePay for my customers. I use the help from a developer to help me with the difficult WordPress issues, I am still working on the website but it’s getting there.

For photos– I hire a product photographer for shoots, which comes in at around $7 a photo, which is highly worth it. A picture says a thousand words, and you want your customers to know it’s worth buying.

Catalogue shoot- Depending on your product, you might want to consider product styling shoots. I hire a product stylist at $75/hr who will style the products nicely and take pictures for the main page of the website/catalogue page. A half-day shot will take 4 styled main shots of different products sets.

Graphic designer- If you want to save money on graphic designers like I do, there is a website called Canva.com where you can design some simple flyers online, it’s simple and no photoshop knowledge is required. There are sample works of others there for inspiration as well. I use it to design simple flyers for my social media posts and they work well.

Last of all, go to a similar competitor website and see what are they doing, and perhaps you will know what to do.

I am no expert in all, but these are just some of my ideas that I myself found in my process of setting up my own homewares import business.

Hope this helps.